Confidence Strategies For Professionals

Speaker(s): Oyinkan Akinmade

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How can you raise your profile, get rewarded, and advance in your career? You might be surprised to hear this; It takes more than hard work to be a go-to expert and an asset to your organization.

You understand the need to share your ideas, communicate your concepts boldly, and the importance of being visible to advance or attain leadership positions. In addition, you know you have to avoid confidence-killing beliefs like self-doubt, overthinking, second-guessing, and perfectionism.

So, how do you raise your profile, get rewarded, and advance in your career? Here's where the Confidence Strategies For Professionals workshop shines. The issue is not your skill. The problem is not knowing how to share your expertise confidently and not connecting the value of your work to the bigger picture, which is the business's need, success, and growth. Confidence Strategies For Professionals workshop shows you how to do all that.

Confidence Strategies For Professionals shows you the what and how to be the go-to expert, advance your career, and navigate your workplace effectively. With this workshop, you learn how to establish yourself as an asset to any organization giving you the ability to seize opportunities for advancement in your career.

What you'll learn

  • Confidently share your expertise in the role at work so that everyone can see you as the go-to expert.
  • Validate your ideas to align them with your organization's vision, mission, and goal.
  • Learn how to gain insight and foresight that will sharpen your business sense and take the organization forward
  • Communicate your ideas effectively with your boss, team, or client to boldly show the value you bring to the table.
  • Overcome self-doubt and limiting assumptions that stop you from getting promoted or reaching any leadership positions.
  • Remain a consistent and relevant voice in your organization and industry, so you remain an asset to your team and community


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Oyinkan Akinmade

Oyinkan Akinmade is a Confidence Coach and Workplace Strategist. with a passion for helping individuals and organizations achieve their full potential. With a background in physical therapy and extensive training as a Certified Professional Coach, Oyinkan brings a unique perspective and valuable expertise to her coaching and consulting services. She works with professionals to build their confidence, communication skills, and leadership abilities, and partners with organizations to create a positive and productive work environment.